About Us

An Intent

Since 1986 our organization is working in the field of women and child development older persons vocational training health awareness and rural development.while working with people it is said that the atmosphere of globalization has created a need of English school with application of modern media Technology so as to make students Run competitively with or ahead of the word computers in every field of life besides protecting our own linguistic culture and heritage. more ever it is need of time that every class of society should be able to educate their children through English school for achieving all round progress of development keeping in view all these things we have launched at this Galaxy English School from this year and have put forth a golden opportunity for the children’s of the society as a whole.


To provide value based and developmental modern education to the students and make them complete you enough to face the globalised present involvement.


Develop the skills and qualities of students carefully creating confidence and courage in them to run on the roads of life but also with motive of nation building.


• To nurture children with safe secure and caring environment and also with health care by providing nutrition’s.

• Children's intellectual as well as social development.

• To create optimistic attitude of children towards learning.

• Develop perfection in students in each and every subject to complete examinations since beginning.

• Today's the respect of the students through development of their personalities.

• To establish qualities by providing equal opportunities to all children irrespective of gender caste Creed and religion.

• Promote the attitude of cooperation and collaboration in the students for maintaining the national integrity.

• Inspire the students for maintaining self discipline and sense of responsibility for their own actions .

• To shape the students into ideal citizens and good human beings.

• To make the students realize democratic values of freedom equality and fraternity.


The curriculum

The child is treated as the future of the nation being the most important factor of the society and hence we do vote all our actions for the best interest and welfare of children with take maximum A foods to enhance the personalities of children exploring their existing hidden talents in them keeping in view the present all need of children the curriculum is drawn with following viewpoints

• Physical personal social emotional and cultural development.

• Global knowledge and understanding.

• Language communication and skill development.

• Creative development.

• Social Sciences Physical Sciences and mathematical development.

We provide as under

• Careful safe and Secure upbringing of children of the age.

• Between 2.5 to 3.5 years in Playgroup

• Between 3.5 to 4.5 years in Nursery

• Between 4.5 to 5.5 years in LKGs

• Above 5.5 years in UKGs

• & 1st To 6th Std

• Ventilated bright and fresh classrooms. beautiful garden good playground and play Den pleasant Auditorium R studio and which library.

• Medical and health checkups by qualified pediatrics.

• Varieties of sports activities.

• School buses facilities for convenience of students.

• Qualified entrained experience and efficient teaching staff.

• Model science Computer technology for teaching and joyful easy learning.